International Acting Reel

4:23 minutes

Deutsche Krimi Szene

German Crime Drama Scene

2:00 min

Music Video - You Know My Name

Performed by Adrienne

Written by Chris Cornell

Arranged and produced by Kosta Lois

Music Video - Adore You

Performed by Adrienne

Written by Amy Marie Allen / Harry Edward Styles / Thomas Edward Percy Hull / Tyler Sam Johnson

Arranged and produced by Richard Emery

Music Video - The Messenger

Performed by Adrienne

Written by Chester Bennington

Arrangement by The Beat Disciples / Mixed by Lennart Brugman

Monologue : When they come for me

Written by Mike Shinoda

1:51 minutes

Speed Reel

Many faces

2:12 minutes

Music Video - Thunder and Lightning

Written by Adrienne McQueen & Kosta Lois

Performed by Adrienne McQueen

Deutsches Demoband

Demo Reel Germany

8:06 minutes

Monologue - Audition

2:58 minutes

Written by Stanley Kubrick

Song - Open Door

Written by Mike Shinoda

Performed by Mike Shinoda & Adrienne McQueen

FORD - Bullitt - Mustang Commercial

"We Do" A Chester Bennington Documentary

A glimpse into the Linkin Park community, their struggles and support of each other through their pain of the loss of Chester Bennington.

Directed and Produced By Matthew Vinaja

Executive Producer Adrienne McQueen

Starring Adrienne McQueen, Mary Winning, Andy Cool, Kristine Escobedo and Phil Donney

Camera Operating By Matthew Vinaja, Tony Turrietta and Adrienne McQueen

Lighting By Matthew Vinaja & Tony Turrietta

Sound By Sally Bayram & Andrew Knapp